Abdul Rahman Jamal Aloosi - Biography

    Abdul Rahman Jamal Aloosi

    What I love the most about my life is reading the holy Quran and praising it, and I hope the Almighty Allah will make it an argument for me and not against me in the judgment day”.

    -Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Jamal Bin Abdulrahman Aloosi

    Born in Saudi Arabic on fifth August 1981, Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Jamal describes himself in this powerful quote that speaks volumes about his undisputed position as one of the most outstanding Qaris in Saudi Arabia.

    His unprecedented love for the Qur’an was his driving force to study the sciences of the recitation of the Qur’an and has enabled him to obtain the certification according to Hafs A’n Assem’s recitation method.

    The Sheikh was also appointed as a professor and as an Imam in Al Ikhlass mosque (Al Khabar) in Saudi Arabia.